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Benefits at a glance

Install. Tailor. Go.

Screenshot of an mobilized IBM Notes application
Easy installation

If you need your emails within any of your HCL Domino applications, just push them there without the need of manual copy and paste.

Push instead of copy

If you need your emails withing any of your HCL Domino Applications, just push them there without the need of manual copy and paste.

Start a workflow

You are in control. Define what should happen after pushing an email to an application. A simple save, a notification, change of user rights. Its on you!

Web and client

The Plugin ist developed using the standards of Microsoft. This way it just works ANYWHERE.

Set the context

You can customize which additional data should join the email itself. You can define as many targets and as many fields as you like.

Bulk processing

You don't have to push your emails one by one. Select them, add additional informationen and push them all at once.

Using the Outlook Plugin

3 Easy steps

Step 1: Select
Select the emails you like to push to an HCL Domino application and add them to the plugin.

Step 2: Context
Select the target application and optionally input background information. For example search for a case in your helpdesk system and add the priority or search for a contact in your CRM system and add a comment.

Step 3: Upload
Upload the selected emails to the domino application. If configured, even a workflow can be started after the upload.

Screenshot of an mobilized Notes Addressbook
Screenshot with Text: Hi Developers, this is for you!       You know how the stuff works. Just use your existing lotus script code and copy it to our teamWorkr Mobile developers framework. Create your own actions, control form events or enrich existing documents.         Rock the web without Java, Javascript, xPages ...       We give you the needed backend objects and you do the magic.       Have fun!

Powered by Stanoc Archive

Archiving at its best

Better together
We combine the power of teamWorkr as front-end with one of the best archiving solutions on the market. stanoc GmbH has created one of the leading archiving solutions for HCL Domino and Microsoft Exchange / O365.

The heavy lift is done automatically for you. Email are transfered to HCL Domino by the power of the Stanoc archiving engine. Afterwards you will have a 100% equal Domino email you can work with.

You already have Single-Sign-On running? Perfect!
If not, we can help you to set this up to make the user experience as smooth as possible.

Adapt everything to your needs

Target Applications

Configure all applications you want to push emails to. The already existing user rights are completely respected.

Meta Data

Define which additional data you need. No matter if it is simple text fields, date or a query of values directly from the target application.


You want to start a workflow directly after the upload? We provide a hook to get everything started. And all this simply via Lotus Script.

App screenshots.

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teamWorkr enables us to offer notes applications via a smartphone, to our international enterprise users, without time-consuming development.

Stefan Ebner, Bereichsleiter IT
Strabag SE
teamWorkr is truely the next level of rapid UI development. We are able to re-use tons of LotusScript based business logic with new mobile clients using a stylish web interface.

Andreas Richter, Anwendungsentwicklung
Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund
Using teamWorkr to provide applications easily via a web browser, will save a great deal of money.

Thorsten Frahm, Project Manager IT Infrastructure
Panasonic Europe Ltd.
The teamWorkr technology enables us, in an until today unknown manner, to reliable predict the timely and financial dimension of
IBM Notes migration projects.

Christian Langhirt, Regional Manager Consulting Services - SharePoint Solutions
Computacenter AG & Co oHG
  • 32 GB Storage

  • 10 MB Max File Size

  • 3 GHZ CPU

  • -

  • -

  • 64 GB Storage

  • 20 MB Max File Size

  • 6 GHZ CPU

  • 20 Websites

  • Unlimited Export

  • 248 GB Storage

  • 50 MB Max File Size

  • 12 GHZ CPU

  • 100 Websites

  • Unlimited Export