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July 17, 2018
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CollabSphere Look-out

This year will be different!

Was it really only a year ago that we were in the USA for the first time at MWLUG 2017? Feels much longer. And the world has become smaller since then. Many of the great people I met last year I have since been able to meet again and again over the last couple of month. And I look forward to it every time. It feels a little like home if you attend all the events, no matter where you are. Be it on IBM Think, the DominoJams, HCL Factory Tour or at one of the many user group events. Domino has an awesome user base!

And what will be different for me this year? I'm going to give a session at CollabSphere. In a, for me, foreign language. This is gonna be exciting! I do have a little respect for it, too. But the nice thing is that it is all about the content, which I hope I can impart. And if I don't, I'm sure one of those great people attending will jump aside. I am looking forward to all of you and join me in my session:

"The right time to learn a Javascript Frontend Framework like vue.js is NOW - Quickstart for Domino Developers"
When: Tuesday, 7/24, 5PM
Where: Grande II

What will the session be about?
I give an overview of the web development in 2018 and my journey to it from the classic Notes developer.

Because web development seems to have become more complicated and there are so many techniques and abbreviations. I explain the background to Spa, MVC, web pack, npm etc.

If you haven't had a deep insight into this topic so far, here you will receive an overview and also a configuration to get started with vue.js...

Looking forward to meet many of you at CollabSphere 2018