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February 19, 2020
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Join us at Engage 2020

Workshop and Sessions

We are a proud first time sponsor of Engage UG. The biggest user group event related to HCL Digital Solutions. The user group conference takes place in Arnhem, Netherlands at the Royal Burgers' Zoo. Every year it's a 2-day conference and an extra afternoon meeting pre-event. Engage is a major user group with worldwide attendance. We want to invite you to join us at the conference.
Not only will we have 3 sessions at the event, but we will also share our insights with a workshop on Monday primarily to the event. Stop by our booth to see live how easy it is to web-enable your HCL Domino applications.
You can still register and join the over 400 attendees to get the latest information regarding HCL Domino.

Monday, March 2, 13:30, W3. Best Western Promenade 3
Workshop: User-Centric Moonshot Thinking: Deal with complexity & the true needs of a user to increase productivity
Speaker: Alexander Romppel and Thilo Volprich

Participate actively, putting your hands to work is the order of the day! In this workshop we will explore the true fundamentals of our work: The diverse needs of our users in the context of modernizing existing HCL Notes applications. We use extremely powerful methods from the world of design thinking. The results can be used for any new or existing application to increase productivity and higher employee satisfaction.
We will take you on a methodical learning experience which will certainly have an effect on your everyday life.
After the hands-on part, we show practical examples of how requirements can be implemented in apps in an appealing and modern way. Finally, we show which technology we use to reliably determine "candidates" (= applications) for a modernization and how you can determine the costs of modernization. Be curious!
Due to the workshop format, the number of participants is limited to 20 participants.

Wednesday, March 4, 8:00, F. Auditorium
Session: Let's make our Domino Web Server Rock Solid!
Speaker: Patrick Zarnikow

Domino always was an application server. And its robust architecture makes it also a good web application server. With more and more applications getting web enabled during the last years, protecting these servers is of the essence.
We will do some live hacking and take a look how many Domino web servers are out there and how they are configured. You will be surprised what we find!!! After that we will take a look at the web security features a Domino server provides us in the recent releases. We will walk thru them as a Best Practice approach. At the end you know that you have to do something to make your server more secure!

Wednesday, March 4, 10:15, G. Knoefzaal
Session: teamWorkr in the wild
Speaker: Thomas Kendöl and Thilo Volprich

The modernization / migration of Notes applications is more than just creating a new interface for an existing application or supporting other device classes. Responsiveness is a basic requirement in 2020.
teamWorkr offers the possibility to push existing applications into the year 2020 in terms of user experience. In addition to visualization, many questions about implementation arise before and during a modernization project. We show how teamWorkr can be used to determine the effort BEFORE a modernization process in order to make such a project a success. In addition, we show in a live demo how a modernization with teamWorkr works.We will give a lot of space to the practical experiences of our partners and customers, who will present the use of teamWorkr from their point of view.

Wednesday, March 4 , 16:00, Kilimandjaro Lodge
Session: Designing Domino APIs the right way!
Speaker: Thilo Volprich

Data is the blood of every business. This applies in particular to business relevant data from Domino applications.
In 20202 APIs are used to access these data. But what makes the difference of a good API? This is not just a technical question! This session will present best practices for designing APIs. We compare good and bad APIs and show what makes the difference.Let's see how we can use the yellow blood in other applications and how Domino itself can communicate with any API. In addition, the features for accessing APIs are presented in practical examples from Domino 11.

We are looking forward to meet you there!