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October 27, 2020
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Webinar Recording

If you ever wanted to create a web application from a Domino database with just one click, you have to watch this webinar recording. You can best imagine the result of our session with one simple thought: At the end of an in-depth analysis of your HCL Notes / Domino applications the central result is a ready-to-use application and not longer data and many colorful charts on a dashboard or PowerPoint slide as before.

Benefits & learnings of the webinar:

  • how to really achieve your goals (e.g. save costs, boost user experience) faster with this dual product solution
  • a walktrough of the proven approach Analyze > Deploy > Test > Optimize
  • the hands-on session will provide insights from firsthand experience
  • understand why accurate modernization and migration estimations are key to success

Thank you to all the participants of our two webinars on Thursday, October 15th 2020. If you missed the webinars you can watch the enlish recording right here:

We want to thank Franz Walder (Analytics Solutions Architect and Product Manager at panagenda) for bringing his insights to the table. If you want to know why panagenda and Team Technology teamup for this challenge read this interview.

Webinar Q & A

Q: What are the software requirements for the plugin?
A: teamWorkr: A Domino server with Version 8.5.3 or above.
    iDNA: A Domino server with version 7.0.1 or above.

Q: Can you also display Domino rich text fields in the plugin?
A: Yes, we can also display the contents of richtext fields. You can even edit them.

Q: Does teamWorkr create new design elements in my Domino application
A: No, we don't touch your Domino application. Everything is configured in the teamWorkr Management Console. We merge the design from there with the data from your applications.

Q: How are the view and forms created in teamWorkr?
A: The selected views and forms in iDNA are created in the teamWorkr Management Console via an API. This API kann also be used from any other application.

Q: Does teamWorkr convert legacy Domino applications to modern applications?
A: No, we don't convert the Domino applications. We just provide a configuration so your application has a modern HTML5 user interface. Think of teamWorkr as a proxy providing a modern UI.

Q: Must the Domino server be reachable from the internet?
A: No, if you only want to use teamWorkr internally. Yes, if you also want to use teamWorkr from your mobile devices. Only the teamWorkr application needs to be reachable via internet. Your Domino applications stay securely behind the firewall.

Q: Is it possible to use Notes Links with teamWorkr?
A: Yes, you can use Notes Links with teamWorkr.

Q: Can I test iDNA and teamWorkr
A: teamWorkr: Yes you can test teamWorkr with a 30 day test license. You can register here:
     iDNA: You can use the sandbox provided by panagenda and also test iDNA in your own infrastructure

Q: How is teamWorkr licensed?
A: We do have a perpetual license model and a monthly model. teamWorkr is licensed by user. Give us a call (+49 89 20923046) or write ( to us to talk about the details.