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August 15, 2018
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Learn How IBM and teamWorkr Will Bring You Powerful Domino Application Solutions

IBM announces an agreement to resell teamWorkr to provide new web and mobile-based application experiences for Domino 8.5.3, or higher, with minimal effort.

Designed to benefit clients through rapid modernization of Notes Domino applications that administrators, savvy business users, or students can be taught to master.

IBM Collaboration Solutions has become a re-seller of the teamWorkr solution that has enabled companies such as Strabag, Panasonic, and German Pension Fund to modernize their Notes Domino applications with little to no effort. Business users can now access modernized Notes Domino applications from their desktops and mobile devices using a browser.

As part of IBM’s Domino Application Development vision, teamWorkr from Team Technology, is a quick way to extend the reach, value, and life of applications by giving them a modern and responsive HTML 5 look and feel.

On a recent webcast, Andreas Richter, Senior Developer at German Pension Fund (GPF) that serves around 50 million Germans, explained how they were up and running on teamWorkr in two weeks. GPF proceeded to convert over 1000 applications in four months and reusing 10 years’ worth of proven business logic, written in Lotus Script, running on Domino.

Top business reasons why teamWorkr can help bring value to clients:  
  • Adding a browser-based application experience without recoding or moving off the Domino platform makes business sense as compared to incurring a significant investment of time and money in building a new solution.

  • The data that’s accessible from teamWorkr is protected. The strength of the Domino security system is fully maintained as teamWorkr uses an embedded Notes database.

  • The use of an existing Notes application which is proven over years, and even decades, without the need for additional testing accelerates time to value.

  • The ability to automate the transformation of applications, which reduces the need for manual intervention by a developer thereby saving time and money, as recently reported by a customer’s testing data

  • The ability to use existing resources and know-how in administration, development and application support, or HTML skills for the implementation, customization and operation.

“Enabling clients to get the most out of their investment in their Notes Domino applications and evolve them is one of our top priorities for our #domino2025 initiative,” said Andrew Manby, Director, Product Management, IBM Collaboration Solutions. 

He added, “teamWorkr provides one important approach in a range of solutions that includes HCL Nomad that extends the value of a client’s data and business logic to knowledge and boundary workers, quickly and with little effort." 

“We’re happy about the collaboration with IBM. We are very proud of the great appreciation we received recently for our performance from our customers, business partners and now IBM,” stated Thilo Volprich, CEO and co-founder of Team Technology. “I believe this creates new opportunities for everyone virtually no matter which version of Domino they are using.”

For more information about this announcement, please reach out to: 
  • Andrew Manby, Director of Product Management, IBM Collaboration Solutions
  • Alex Romppel, Co-Founder, Team Technology GmbH
  • Thilo Volprich, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Team Technology GmbH