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April 9, 2021
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Partnering: NotesMail

Team Technology welcomes our new partner

Welcome NotesMail

We are more than happy to welcome NotesMail as our third partner in the US. As an experienced HCL Business Partner, NotesMail is specializing in HCL Notes and Domino software for over 25 years. HCL BP NotesMail provides Crucial Notes tools and consulting services including Domino administration, Notes and Domino web development, modernization, optimization, security auditing, integration and migration for on-premises and cloud environments (Notes, iNotes, Nomad, Sametime, Verse). HCL BP NotesMail's corporate headquarters is located in New York, NY US.

Lance Zakin, Notes and Domino Solutions Architect / Software Engineer at NotesMail, quotes after he was first introduced to teamWorkr at Collabsphere 2020: "teamWorkr is a perfect fit for some of our customers who would like to replace the Notes client for some users with a modern web client solution that still runs on Domino. The seamless solution with some minor customization in regards to copy/paste Notes button code is amazing solution for virtually effortless modernization. Go teamWorkr! #dominoforever"

Extending our partner network is important to us. Since Team Technology focuses its efforts on making teamWorkr even better, our worldwide partners like NotesMail are engaging customers and resell teamWorkr successfully to potential customers out there. Together with them we reach even more potential customers and extend our partner network with an effective workforce.

Find out more about NotesMail and their expertise.