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March 6, 2019
events & meet us
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Our next events - UPDATE

Meet us at these awesome events in Germany, Italy, Austria, Russia and USA

As the year evolves a great number of new events to meet Team Technology are added to the first quarter of 2019. Come talk to us and enjoy the great #IBMDomino community at the following events:

12. - 15.02.2019 IBM THINK

Come join our session: How a Domino Developer Becomes a Web Developer within One Hour, Wednesday, 4:30 PM - 5:10 PM | Session ID: 7062A, Hilton Union Square, Ballroom Level | Yosemite A
We will be at THINK the whole week. If you want to talk to us just drop us a note ( We will arrange a meeting with you.

26. - 28.02.2019 HCL Factory Tour Episode 2

Thilo and Patrick are also invited to the second HCL Factory Tour. We are eager to hear what HCL has to tell us this time and are looking forward to the visit in Milan.

19.03.2019 Hamburger Notes Netzwerk - 150. HANNE-Meeting: Notes Domino V10/11 - Think Review - HCL

If you are in Hamburg, then join us together with some dedicated Notes/Domino enthusiasts at the at HANNE. The meeting will be in German.

21.03.2019 San Francisco comes to you - Thirty Five - Vienna Twin Tower

You have the chance to see our Think 2019 session "How a Domino Developer Becomes a Web Developer within One Hour" also in Vienna. It is all about easy integration of Notes application into other solutions and also get a sneak peak what comes next at Team Technology. Join us and register.

21.03.2019 - 22.03.2019 teamWorkr Developer Training in Moscow/Russia

A big THANK YOU goes to our partner Cyone and Vladislav Tatarincev for organizing two workshop days in Moscow for potential teamWorkr customers. We are looking forward to be the first time in Russia and meet all the Domino enthusiasts for an engaging two days.

25. - 27.03.2019 Admin - und EntwicklerCamp 2019

We definitely will be there. This high value conference in Gelsenkirchen, Germany is a must. This year it will be one conference for admins and developers together. Thilo will be giving his insights about integrating Office in Notes at the session "Office Anbindung in der Notes Programmierung"

Stay tuned for more announcements here or on Twitter @ttteamworkr.

We are looking forward to see you there!!!