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May 8, 2018
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SNoUG 2018

A high quality event with lots of news

This years SNoUG on April 18, 2018 was a high quality event. Keynotes by various speakers from HCL (Richard Jefts, Jason Gary) and IBM (Uffe Sorensen) which pointed out the importance of IBM Domino in Zurich. A high number of active IBM Champions had also different speaker slots. The event was rounded off with a perfect management and high attention to all attendees by the organizers. A warm thank you to Diana, Susanne, Andrew, Beat and Helmut.

CEO of Team Technology Thilo Volprich, also an IBM Champion, gave away insights about how to start development using Vue.js in combination with IBM Domino applications. Together with the participants he explained how Vue.js works and created a setup with which development can begin immediately. We would like to thank all the participants which engaged in trying out something completely new with IBM Domino.

The following links provide some fotos and give you some great expressions from the event:


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We are looking forward to more events like this. CU here in the in the next month.