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April 2, 2019
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teamWorkr goes Russia

teamWorkr Developer Training in Moscow/Russia

From March 21, 2019 until March 22, 2019 we held our first teamWorkr developer workshop in Moscow. It was Team Technologys' very first workshop ever held in Russia and therefore a huge expansion of our reach for teamWorkr.

During the two day workshop many participants joint us at IBM Russia headquarters in Moscow to experience the theory behind teamWorkr and try out the first steps of an application modernization using a scripted “walk-thru". In the afternoon each participant had the opportunity to modernize his very own IBM Domino database he brought along with teamWorkr.

Thilo Volprich (CEO Team Technology GmbH) was very impressed by Moscow and grateful for the local support: He stated: “I am very grateful to Vladislav Tatarincev (CYONE) for his great support here. Without him it would not have been possible to organize the training in Moscow. It was funny to say three sentences and get a translation of 5 minutes. Vladislav knows teamWorkr and the technical aspects of Domino and Domino performance so well, that he has given even more information to the participants than I would have done myself. Great teamWork.

This workshop was only possible because of the vast engagement of our partners CYONE SIA and IBM Russia (Ivan Mikhalychev and Victor Taranov). Almost all the organization and inviting local customers to the workshop was done by CYONE. We couldn’t be happier to have partners like them in Latvia and Russia.

Vladislav Tatarincev (CEO CYONE) stated: ”Webification of Notes application was always a challenge. teamWorkr set a world record bringing a web UI to Notes applications. With dynamic HTML inserts and the ability to enhance Notes data with Google Maps and other widgets, makes the UI really modern. Notes Developers leverage their old Notes Development skills”.

Just a few days after the workshop we already received some great feedback from the attendees:

"After returning to my office, I was able to web enable two production databases in just one day! Exciting!" (Anonymous / Telco customer).

“I modernized our Bank's address book in less than one hour, now it is available from phones and desktops via browser" (Anonymous / Banking customer)

We would like to thank all participants for their interest and the positive spirit and energy during the whole workshop day. Both Vladislav (CYONE) and Thilo (Team Technology) had a lot of fun with all of you in the workshop and we are looking forward to more workshops like this. Maybe in St. Petersburg?

With this in mind: We Are ... teamWorkr App Developers


CYONE is a leading IBM oriented company in Baltic countries, Russia and Europe. We help companies become effective in communication in digital era. We are highly skilled IBM professionals with almost 20 year experience with IBM technologies. We are sure that deployment of IBM technologies will make your company effective, agile, cost effective, helping you to do Your business better, faster.