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August 27, 2019
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teamWorkr 3.2.2 released

Release Notes

We have a brand new version for you with two exiting innovations.

First we added a new calendar view into teamWorkr. Now you are able to use a weekly representation of calendar entries with teamWorkr. Including every functionality you are already used to from our normal views.

Even more exiting: We reworked our desktop layout for an even better responsive design to also work on mobile devices. This gives you the same possibilities to adjust the look and feel, using CSS, like you have in our desktop layout. Also it comes with amazing performance improvements. Don't worry, if you still want to use the "old" mobile layout, we keep it around for you.

Go get the new template and play around with the new innovations. We certainly would like to hear if you like them (or not). As always you can download the new template via our Self-Service Portal. Have fun with the new version and let us know what you think about the new release via @TTteamWorkr

Release Notes

What's new:

  • Added new calendar view
  • New responsive design for desktop version
  • Internationalized version of dateTimePicker


  • New table component (this brings amazing flexibility to future versions and performance)
  • Added option on date fields to remove the content in the field
  • Show date only in mobile version (previously also the time was displayed)
  • Show time only in mobile version (previously there date + time was displayed)
  • Embedded Views:
       - Use whole width in embedded view
       - Lazy loading in embedded view
       - Remove CRLF in views

We squashed some bugs:

  • Fixed a bug on computed subforms using an alias in the formula
  • Fixed a bug using plus sign (+) in categories
  • Fixed a bug with multiple categories using special characters (like +, ', %)
  • Fixed category indicator position (category was previously truncated)
  • Fixed a bug on refresh form with empty Date / Time fields
  • Fixed a bug on empty date fields (these should be stored as empty item of type text -> ask IBM why?)