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May 20, 2020
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teamWorkr 3.4.0

Release Notes

As promised in our last release notes we have some juicy new stuff for you in teamWorkr 3.4.0!

We have been working on a few long overdue extensions for teamWorkr in the past weeks. By popular demand it is now possible to sort the view columns. Also we give you the possibility to export views or view searches to a CSV-file. This can be easily activated in the view configuration in the teamWorkr Management Console. And finally you can delete attachments from the attachment area.

We have more to come shortly. Please check back here regularly!

Go get the new template and play around with it. We certainly would like to hear if you like them (or not). As always you can download the new template via our Self-Service Portal.

Have fun with the new version and let us know what you think about the new release via @TTteamWorkr

Release Notes

What's new:

  • Attachments can now be deleted from the attachment area (if you have the right to edit the document)
  • View Columns can now be sorted. During the view import the sorting of your Notes views will be recognized. For existing views a re-import of the columns is necessary! (This doesn't work with view category filter at the moment)
  • Export to CSV. A view can be configured to be exported to a CSV-File. Files are comma separated UTF-16 character encoded files.

We squashed some bugs:

  • Correction of computed RichText field in edit mode. These were not displayed previously (RichText Type computedwhencomposed)
  • Correction of the delete function of temporary files with very special characters in the teamWorkr temp path (eg. c:\temp\)