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March 15, 2019
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teamWorkr 3.1.5 released

Release Notes

This week we released teamWorkr 3.1.5 with a lot of fixes. Go get the new template!

As always you can download the new template via our Self-Service Portal. Have fun with the new version and let us know what you think about the new release via @TTteamWorkr

Release Notes

What's new:

  • Show success message after action execution
  • Showing values in multi-field above not below (smaller list)
  • Action display above in edge
  • After an action call, if the user has no edit rights anymore, the document is switched to read mode
  • Remove new attachments (not yet saved) from the list of attachments
  • Change right for view to count App


  • Attachment dialog closes automatically, if download option is selected
  • QueryValidate now jumps back to read-mode if canceled
  • Check for CancelAfterValidate option if action is called
  • Check for isUserAuthor after save and after cancelValidation

We squashed some bugs:

  • Option "Disable Edit-Mode" in form configuration is now working properly
  • Cursor is not jumping to last RTF when you enter "Edit Mode" in a document
  • Hide text based on "Show in edit-mode" is now working properly
  • Check action endpoint and action run on new documents
  • No error on loading more data if search results are shown
  • Error on code of new documents and an action called
  • Show success message after action call in edit mode
  • Show error message if an error within an action occurs
  • Not searching after navigating from search result to doc and back
  • Refresh removes checked option in checkbox, if saved value in document while removing the last option
  • Error on search: Sometimes searching did not work
  • Add attachments to the right phase to have the needed rights
  • Removed full screen with background on save / cancel buttons in edit mode
  • Display not categorized entries within categorized view correct and load children properly
  • Error by combining Default-Menu and Custom-Menu-Actions is fixed