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November 24, 2020
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teamWorkr in Motion

Modernization in 1 Minute

We have a new video for you: Modernization of a HCL Domino application in one minute. No programming required. It just works!

We often get asked why somebody should choose teamWorkr over any other modernization solution. One answer to that is this video. In just one minute you can bring a HCL Domino application to the web. The video clip is not only showing the process. It also shows how the modernization looks on a desktop browser and on any mobile phone.

Beautify your application! One configuration covers all devices out there. It can be so easy!

Make it work in no time:

  • In teamWorkr select a HCL Domino application on the server
  • Import a view into your teamWorkr configuration
  • Import a form into your teamWorkr configuration
  • You are ready to go!

This gives you a starting point to bring a self-explanatory user interface to your users. From here you can work out the details and enhance your views and forms further.

Enjoy the video and let us know if you like what you think via @ttteamWorkr