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March 2, 2021
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teamWorkr 4.0 What's New?

Inline Filter

As promised in our last blog post we want to highlight some of the new features in teamWorkr 4.0 because they are making it even easier to work with teamWorkr.

The first feature we want to look at is our new Inline Filter. Inline filtering works in views and also on the homepage of teamWorkr. It is super easy to use! Just start typing what you are looking for and we filter the content for you. You can also use operators like "and" or "or" to filter! Like you are used to from HCL Notes. (We do need a Fulltext Index on the application for this to work ;-))

Just type to filter

Grab teamWorkr from our Self Service Portal and try it out. If you have not tested teamWork yet, you can also register there to give it a test-drive.

Special thanks go out to Sarah for this new feature!