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December 11, 2019
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teamWorkr attended language school

New language French

Bienvenue France!

Finally teamWorkr is also available in French.

French is an official language in 29 countries across multiple continents world wide. It is estimated to have about 76 million native speakers. We are excited that teamWorkr can now help even more companies to bring their HCL Domino applications to the web. We are looking forward to the new opportunities from this market.

A big "Thank You" goes to Andrew Magerman for translating our 120 language keys into French! It helps us a great deal to serve the French market even better.

teamWorkr is now available in 14 languages overall. If your language is missing it is really easy to add it. Help from the community is always appreciated. Drop us an email if you like to help.

Experience how easy it is to modernize your HCL Domino application landscape. If you haven't tried teamWorkr just yet, because it wasn't available in French, request a trial license now via our contact form below. If you like, also let us know what you think about teamWorkr via Twitter @TTteamWorkr

We are looking forward to your feedback!