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July 1, 2019
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New solution: teamWorkr Outlook Plugin

The smartest way to push emails to Domino Apps powered by the stanoc archiving engine

Today we wan't to introduce you to our new solution the teamWorkr Outlook Plugin which was co-created with our development partner stanoc GmbH. The symbiosis of the stanoc archiving engine with the flexibility of teamWorkr gives you the possibility to move any kind of email from your Microsoft Outlook client to any IBM Domino application that is out there.

The Challenge
EMail correspondence with external communication partners is still a major way to get information across. An estimated 281 billion emails (Source: Radicati Group) were sent every day in 2018 and the number is still growing. Bringing emails across from a email client to another system like a CRM, ERP, etc. is often complicated or results in manual steps (copy & paste). This costs time and money and sometimes you even loose valuable information. Even worse: You end up with a unpractical co-existence and with an awful user experience!

The Solution
With the teamWorkr Outlook Plugin you have the unique opportunity to push emails from your Microsoft Outlook client to any existing IBM Domino application in your infrastructure. Every Microsoft Outlook client starting with Outlook 2013 and any application running on a Domino server starting with version 8.5.3 is able to benefit from our new plugin. No matter if you use Microsoft Exchange on premises or Office 365. The solution is customizable to fit you needs, corporate identity and also supports 13 languages at the moment.

Outlook Integration

The Technique
The Outlook add-in consists of two components: the XML add-in manifest and a web page supported by the JavaScript library for Office Add-ins (office.js). The manifest describes how the add-in integrates across Outlook clients and defines the security measures with Microsoft Exchange.
To access a Domino application we leverage the powerful teamWorkr solution that has proven it's value for a lot of organizations like Strabag and the German Pension Fund. It gives you the unique ability to display selected fields from any Notes form in the sidebar plugin provided by the XML add-in manifest.

A typical use case could be a helpdesk system based on IBM Domino. You receive an email from a customer in your Microsoft Outlook client. Using an action in the ribbon bar you start the plugin in the sidebar. You add the email to the plugin and can also add additional information necessary to process the email in your Domino application. For example you could select a customer name from an existing list, automatically populate the customer number or add the email to an existing ticket number. All of that in a highly customizable form in your sidebar, which can be completely adjusted to the end users need. If you have workflows in your Domino application you can use them as soon as the document is saved or trigger the workflow on save.

EMail and Plugin

We all know the critical points of hybrid environments and the business critical applications in our organization. Our new teamWorkr Outlook Plugin gives you now the chance to bring these two applications together in a very powerful way and get the best out of two worlds.

Sounds interesting? Find out more in the Q & A below or drop us an email or request a personal demo!

Q & A teamWorkr Outlook Plugin:

Q: How much time do I need to setup the plugin?
A: It depends on your existing infrastructure. Approx 2,5 days are necessary in average. Our experts can help you with the setup if you like.

Q: I don’t have the expertise to setup the plugin. Can you assist me?
A: Yes, definitely. We or a partner of our large partner network can assist you.

Q: How can I contact your support?
A: If you purchased teamWorkr thru one of our partners, he is your first contact. The experts at Team Technology provide 2nd- and 3rd-level support.

Q: Which languages languages are supported by the plugin.
A: The plugin itself has no language values. The UI is configurable and teamWorkr supports 13 languages. Administrative messages are available in English and German.

Q: What is the licensing model of the plugin?
A: We do have a pricing per user. Give us a call (+49 89 20923046) or write ( to us to talk about details.

Q: Do I have to license Domino users if I access any application via the plugin?
A: Yes you still need client access licenses (CAL) or an enterprise server license for the Domino server. Even though you don’t use a Notes Client to access your applications.

Q: Which IBM Domino Server licensing do I need to run the plugin?
A: You should consider at least an application server license, since teamWorkr is also an application.

Q: Do you limit the number of users who can use the plugin?
A: Yes, the number of users that can use the plugin is limited by the license. The licensing is based on authenticated users.

Q: What are the software requirements for the plugin?
A: A Domino server with Version 8.5.3 or above.

Q: Is SingleSignOn (SSO) necessary to use the plugin?
A: Yes, it is necessary! Otherwise you break the security of your Domino server

Q: Can the plugin be distributed by an application management solution?
A: It's even easier. You can distribute the XML add-in manifest via the Exchange Admin Console to certain users or groups.

Q: Can I use the plugin on premises and also in O365?
A: Yes, it is available for both scenarios.

Q: Which Microsoft Outlook versions does the plugin support?
A: The plugin is baed on web-addins. These are supported starting Outlook 2013. We recommend Outlook 2016 and higher.

Q: Can I use existing Domino applications and workflows with the plugin?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I adapt the CSS (colors/logo) of the plugin to my corporate identity?
A: Yes, this is possible via the configuration of the plugin.

Q: Wenn pushing emails from Outlook to the plugin will inline images be honoured?
A: Yes inline images of emails get converted to embedded pictures in a rich text field.

Q: Can I drag&drop emails to the plugin?
A: Currently not, but it is on our agenda for future releases.

Q: Do you provide default applications for saving emails in Domino applications if I don't have existing applications?
A: Currently not, but we are working on this.

Q: How does the the plugin access IBM Domino applications on my Domino server?
A: IBM Domino applications are accessed via HTTPS as an authenticated user. All rights based on a Domino database ACL are honoured.

Q: Which ports are necessary to access the Domino application from the plugin?
A: Just HTTPS is necessary.

Q: Can you also display Domino rich text fields in the plugin?
A: Yes, we can also display the contents of richtext fields. You can even edit them.

Q: Which Version of Domino do I need?
A: Domino Version 8.5.3 or above

Q: What requirements on the Domino server do you have to run the plugin?
A: We need a running HTTP-Task, a SIGNED teamWorkr Management Console, one FOLDER and access to the servers we want to access applications on (TRUSTED SERVER)

Q: What requirements does the plugin have to run in an O365 environment?
A: The following requirements are necessary
    - Local AD(FS) reachable by LDAP from the Domino server
    - SingleSignOn (SSO) via SAML AD/Domino
    - HTTPS Certificate for the Domino server
    - External access: Domino must be reachable via HTTPS
    - External access: ADFS must be reachable

Q: Can I use an Azure Active Directory with the solution
A: No, a local replica of the Active Directory is a minimum requirement.

Q: What requirements does the plugin have to run in an Exchange environment?
A: See O365 requirements above

Q: Is the language of the plugin connected to the language of the Outlook Client?
A: Not at the moment.