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December 16, 2019
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teamWorkr 3.2.4 released

Release Notes

Just before the end of the year we have a new teamWorkr version for you.

This release we concentrated on getting rid of some bugs that sneaked into teamWorkr and have a few optimizations for you. Also teamWorkr 3.2.4 is available in French from the beginning and therefor is available in 14 languages.

Go get the new template and play around with it. We certainly would like to hear if you like them (or not). As always you can download the new template via our Self-Service Portal. (Psst: Our One4Ever offer is still available here)

Have fun with the new version and let us know what you think about the new release via @TTteamWorkr

Release Notes


  • Show loading indicator in views and documents for background activity
  • Action "Delete" for existing attachments in documents

We squashed some bugs:

  • Jump to the top of the view after backspacing from search (Previously the second search stayed on scroll position)
  • Hide clear-indicator "x" on date fields, if field is read only
  • Import from template does no longer set the userfriendly name if it is empty
  • Corrected detection of formulas in keyword list